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More Than Your Average

One-of-a-kind plus-size vintage finds curated by Mya Price.

At Dupont Little Flea Market the first and third Sundays, March through December 


Confidently unique and effortlessly magnetic: That is the More Than Your Average woman. This spectacular vintage boutique caters to women sizes 12+ who are not finding inspirational pieces elsewhere. We've created a space for sustainable fashion that is cultivated to help you step out of your comfort zone, to reach beyond yourself, and to empower you to find your originality. The clothes you wear impact how you showcase yourself to the world.


Our Story

A step outside of the box to live color-fully, More Than Your Average is an outward and visual expression of our innermost confidence through one-of-a-kind plus-size vintage finds. It says, “I’m here, this is me, authentically, always!” Mya Price’s philosophy is concise and cogent: “When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we generate positive energy that impacts the way we make others feel.” However, Price realized the fashion industry did not make “looking good” accessible for a significant segmented woman.


“I observed a gap in the clothing selections for women considered to be plus-size. Since middle school, I’ve been a size fourteen. Despite numbers, all women deserve style and choice.”

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