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Lovingly pre-owned LPs, rock tour shirts, and more!

At Dupont Little Flea Market every Sunday throughout the year

At TVS, we aren't energized by selling records — we're energized by sharing music! We scour the earth for discarded gems, personal collections for sale, lots with hidden gems, and wherever quality, previously enjoyed vinyl can be found. TVS is all about taste and curation. You'll certainly find much larger selections in brick and mortar stores, but our shop is more focused on quality music on well maintained vinyl. Last, but not least, you'll find friendly service and a cheerful willingness to help you find music you will love.

Our Story

TVS Founder, James Ty Cumbie, has been making and enjoying music for as long as he can remember. He bought his first LP at age 11 (a greatest hits box set). In early 2021, while helping a friend manage his record store, Cumbie stumbled upon the opportunity to sell records at the Dupont Little Flea. He found that he loved doing this work and was good at it. He started having regular customers returning week after week, the shop was featured in a Washington Post article, and many other positive experiences only deepened his passion for building this fledgling business.

When you shop at Tiny Vinyl, you're participating in a personal and cultural happening! Drop by, browse and chat. Even if you buy nothing TVS appreciates your being part of the scene. 

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